Dear Editor, I would like to bring to your attention my concerns about incorrect reporting in the Birmingham Post on November 10.

This week, Birmingham was privileged to have yet another senior Government figure come and see the excellent work we continue to do in this city. I was therefore proud to advise Cabinet on 7th November of Treasury Chief Secretary, Danny Alexander’s visit earlier that day. However, the positive aspect of this visit was not represented in the Iron Angle article on 10th November.

As reported, I did advise that Danny Alexander was impressed by the signs of building work all over the city. As indeed, he was. I also referred to eight cranes on the skyline in Birmingham and stated that the sight of these cranes ‘ is one of the most important things you can see in any community, tangible signs of capital reinvestment and building going on in this city.’ As indeed it is.

However, Iron Angle goes on to state that the building work I alluded to mainly involves ‘the Building Schools for the Future Programme’.

This is completely false, incorrect and frankly unnecessary.

The cranes I described were not involved in building schools, but were there to support the construction of numerous commercial developments as part of the ongoing investment in this city.

I do not know why the article refers to the cranes being used for Building Schools for the Future Programme, but it is simply untrue.

Cllr Paul Tilsley MBE

Deputy Leader

Birmingham City Council

Leader Liberal Democrats