Dear Editor, I would be grateful if I could correct and update our letter published in the Post on the 24th April.

The Euro Elections Climate Change Hustings will now take place on Wednesday May 20, 7.30pm at the Council House, Birmingham. Those who have accepted include Vicky Dunn (Green Party), Dave Nellist (NO2EU); Liz Lynne MEP (Liberal Democrats); and a Conservative Party candidate. New Labour and UKIP have so far not accepted our invitation.

The impact of EU decisions on the UK, and the West Midlands including Birmingham, is such that we thought it essential local people had the opportunity to question and challenge candidates from all parties taking part in the Euro Elections on June 4. We do hope that in the end all parties will regard it as being sufficiently important to be represented at the hustings.

Peter Beck, For the West Midlands Campaign Against Climate Change,

Quinton, Birmingham