Dear Sir, Far from Birmingham being a spur on the proposed HS2 network,as Mr Stait claims (Letters, April 14) the proposals would put Birmingham at the centre of Britain’s high speed rail network.

At the opening of the first phase of the line, there would be three or four dedicated trains an hour running from Birmingham Curzon Street station to London, and once the second phase is open there would be trains to Manchester, Leeds and the north, slashing journey times to key regional centres.

Moreover, the interchange station at Coleshill would benefit the whole of the West Midlands with frequent, reliable and fast services to both London and cities north, improving connections to the whole region.

Phase 1 would also bring connections to Europe through the direct link between HS2 and HS1 (on which Eurostar services operate now). On completion of Phase 2 there will also be the prospect of a direct connection to Heathrow from both Curzon Street and Coleshill.

Gordon Pettitt

By Email