Dear Editor, The news that the Rainbow in Digbeth has got a sound-proof roof fitted so it can have bands in the courtyard is good. If the pub had to stop live music it would remove one of the few facilities for young people it has. And the lack of such facilities is a scandal for a city of Birmingham’s size.

Birmingham claims to be the youngest city in Europe. Not much sign of this in terms of understanding the needs of young people. The recent near-disaster at the JLS concert showed the authorities were completely out of touch. Did no one realise that this is the current big boy band – and tens of thousands of young girls would turn up?

The failure to grasp the needs of young people is shown by the state of St Philip’s church yard.

I don’t blame young people for gathering in a graveyard, it is the only place they have. But mingling among the tombs with only a couple of burger stands for refreshment is scandalous.

They don’t even have room to skateboard. And for the commuters, they are a pain to walk past.

The solution is to give youth a space where they can do their own thing. Alas current plans will make the situation worse.

The library plan will remove the space in front of the Rep, where concerts can take place easily, for a sunken facility which is a disaster waiting to happen.

But the redevelopment of Paradise Circus offers a window of opportunity.

If it can be removed from the middle-aged and elderly who dominate decision making in the city, it could spearhead a drive for youth facilities which are now urgently needed

Trevor Fisher.