An historic but crumbling wheelwright's yard in Warwickshire is one of the contenders on a TV show where heritage schemes compete to win £1 million for restoration.

Chedham's Yard in Wellesbourne, near Coventry, was operated by generations of Chedhams for 200 years before it fell into disuse in the 1960s.

The row of red-brick outhouses which formed the forge and wheelwrights fell into disrepair and the town's heritage enthusiasts and Welles-bourne Parish Council want to see it resurrected as a living museum.

It is one of three Midland projects due to feature on the BBC Restoration programme today, with the winner of the group going through to a national final.

A project management consultancy, Saturn Projects, is liaising with the district council on the implementation of the restoration scheme.

Andrew Winterbottom, director of Saturn Projects, said: "We feel it is important that the Yard is preserved as

we may lose this part of our heritage forever.

"The roofs of the buildings are dipping and collapsing and ivy is growing everywhere, and the windows are all shot through," said his colleague Leonora Mason.

"The equipment remains and we would want to look at restoring it so people can see it used to work.

"It is something that died out when wheelwrights were no longer needed and this will bring the industry to life, with a very interactive feel to it once it is completed."

Bill Chedham, a surviving member of the Chedham family, is fully endorsing the project. The Yard was initiated by Henry Chedham in the 1820s and the business was handed down from father to son up until Bill Chedham locked it up in the mid 1960s.

If Chedham's Yard should win the £1 million the winning project wins a video history of all the people who were involved in it over the centuries is planned, and an endowment to secure its survival over the years to come.

Chedham's Yard will be featured on Restoration on BBC2 tonight at 9pm.