John Prescott hit back yesterday at Greenpeace protesters who staged a rooftop protest at his house by suggesting they look at the "ruddy facts" of the Government's environmental record.

The Deputy Prime Minister claimed domestic energy efficiency initiatives such as Decent Homes and Warm Front had so far helped prevent one million tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Speaking during a visit to Burton-upon-Trent he said: "People like Greenpeace should look at the ruddy facts instead of looking for stunts.

"We've got the most advanced programme in Britain (for reducing carbon emissions) by any government and it compares well to other countries.

"We inherited two million homes that weren't in a decent state. We've already completed one million of them. We hope to complete the two million by 2010.

"You get a good boiler, you get central heating, you get decent changes. It helps the environment.

"It certainly helps individuals and that's why we've been able to save something like one million tonnes of carbon, which is good for the environment."