Living in the limelight and Richard Shaw aren't easy bedfellows, but he will be back-page news for one day only next week.

A man who has spent over 20 years of his football career at just two clubs is sure to be reliable, solid and trustworthy.

All the aforementioned are qualities that could be attributed to Shaw but the quiet man of Coventry City will be under the spotlight next Tuesday.

His 11-year tenure with the Sky Blues has been rewarded by a glittering testimonial against the champions of Scotland.

Gordon Strachan will bring his Celtic first team to the Ricoh Arena in what is a fitting tribute for 37-year-old Shaw.

Standing in the shadows is what Shaw does best, as he invariably completes his task with the minimum of fuss.

However, with the entire evening being staged for his benefit, surely there must be the temptation to indulge in some outrageous showboating?

"Showboating? I don't think so," laughed Shaw. "If I pass the ball over ten yards then that is showboating by my standards.

"I know my limits and what I am capable of and I have never played above that.

"I am a solid defender who gives 100 per cent every time I play. If I wanted to go and spray balls all over the pitch I would go and play in mid-field, but there are far better players than me who can do that.

"I am going to enjoy the night even though I don't like making headlines.

"I always want to blend into the background but Dennis Wise told me I should make the most of it and I hope it is a special evening."

Shaw has yet to decide if this will be his last season in professional football although he has intimated at an announcement before the end of the current campaign.

Whether it is last-day relegation escapades or battles against bankruptcy, Shaw has run the whole gamut of emotions during his spell in Warwickshire.

But one endearing memory is stamped in his consciousness above all other.

"It has to be the last day of the 1996/97 season," said Shaw, recalling a memorable last-gasp relegation escape.

"We were completely out of it and looked dead and buried for weeks. However, on the final day, both Middlesbrough and Sunderland lost and we won at Tottenham to survive.

"Okay, finishing fourth from bottom is nothing to celebrate and it was quite embarrassing really.

"We beat Chelsea and won at Liverpool in the last month of the season, which was emotionally draining.

"It has been fantastic at Coventry and I am not sure what will happen next season, but you reach an age where you have visited every hotel in England.

"You are always told what to do and where to go and I haven't had a Christmas off in 20 years.

"Don't get me wrong it is the best job in the world and I know I am privileged. I will just assess it again in the summer."

The lure of Celtic will ensure a sizeable away following, along with a return for former Sky Blue heroes Dion Dublin and Paul Telfer.

However, it is Strachan that Shaw is relishing the chance of linking up with for one evening only.

"Strachan is top drawer," said Shaw. "He is the best manager I have ever worked under.

"He taught me how to live my life properly regarding dietary needs. I trained properly and became very professional under his management.

"He didn't mind you having a beer and he knew we had a good team spirit, so he wanted to keep that.

"But if the training session wasn't right he would cancel it and say 'see you all at 3pm!' It didn't matter what you were doing in the afternoon, you had to be there, so it didn't happen very often."

* Coventry face Celtic next Tuesday, April 11 at the Ricoh Arena (8pm). Tickets , priced £12 adults, £6 concessions, are available on 0870 421 1987. ..SUPL: