Campaigners who were outraged at being prevented from objecting to a controversial development in Birmingham following a council blunder have received an apology.

Birmingham Civic Society claimed it failed to submit detailed objections to the plans to build 40 houses and 50 apartments at Edgbaston Reservoir after it was given the wrong deadline.

Officials manning the council's planning hotline told Civic Society planning committee member and Edgbaston campaigner Dennis Minnis that objections had to be in by January 10.

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However, the planning committee had already given the development the go-ahead almost a week earlier.

Phil Crabtree, council assistant director of planning, has since written to the former city councillor offering his apologies.

He said: "I would like to apologise for any confusion. I have made enquiries about the date that the application was to be considered by the planning committee.

"After investigation I have confirmed that a simple error occurred that left an incorrect date on the department's planning computer system which then showed that the consultation period was still extant, although no further consultation had taken place.

"I apologise for the initial confusion but the enquiry staff gave you the information in good faith and based on the information that was before them."

The scheme was given the go-ahead by the planning committee after chairman Coun David Roy (Con Sutton Vesey) used his casting vote to reject a site visit, as the other 14 members were divided on whether to defer a decision on the plans.

Mr Minnis said: "I accept what Mr Crabtree said - that it was a simple error. These things happen." ..SUPL: