Birmingham's biggest private landowner is attempting to restrict the activities of an Edgbaston lap-dancing club which operates in one of its own properties.

Calthorpe Estates believes plans by Spearmint Rhino, in Hagley Road, to open and serve alcohol until 6am seven days a week will create conflict between the sex industry and the "high quality" Five Ways business district.

But the company admits it is powerless to act because a 36-year lease it granted to Spearmint Rhino in 1990 does not allow the landlord to prevent the extension of opening hours.

Calthorpe Estates is appealing instead to Birmingham City Council to refuse Spearmint Rhino's application to open between 10am and 6am Monday to Sunday.

In a letter to the licensing sub- committee Calthorpe Estates commercial managers describe the area of Hagley Road around Spearmint Rhino as a vomit-stained crime black spot.

Robert Ellis, of DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, said: " Proposals to extend licensed sale of alcohol at Spearmint Rhino are not in keeping with our general aims of maintaining the estate as a high quality environment and we believe will be detrimental to the area.

"The increased trading hours proposed and associated sale of alcohol will, without doubt, increase the problems of crime and disorder currently being experienced.

"We feel that if an extended drinking licence is approved the improvements in security we have encouraged will be eliminated in a single step.

"The fact that Spearmint Rhino customers use the adjoining office car parks will lead to problems when workers in the offices start arriving in the mornings.

"The customers from this venue also tend to leave a trail of litter and other deposits such as vomit and urine associated with alcohol which are totally inappropriate for office occupiers to clean on a regular basis.

"Extension of the opening hours and drinking time will only make the situation worse and as a result make the current levels of public nuisance being experienced more severe."

Mr Ellis said there was concern that the "severe social problems" being experienced in Broad Street would move up the road beyond Five Ways if Spearmint Rhino's application was approved.

He added: "From a common sense viewpoint the evening culture and business district should not be encouraged to mix which will undoubtedly be the case if the extended opening hours are approved."

A spokesman for Spearmint Rhino said an original application to remain open 24 hours a day had already been scaled back to 10am-6am. It was the club's intention not to allow people to be admitted after 4am.