A burglar has been jailed for three years thanks to a Castle Bromwich pensioner who fended him off by breaking his nose.

The 73-year-old pensioner provided detectives with vital DNA evidence by splitting the burglar's nose with a pickaxe handle, splattering blood droplets in the process.

The brave pensioner armed himself after returning from a morning stroll on September 9 to find his home being burgled.

Lemuel Gibbs, 33, had smashed a glass door pane to get into the pensioner's home in Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich.

As he emerged into the hallway the pensioner struck him across the face.

Gibbs, who admitted two counts of burglary - the other being on July 28 in Coleshill when he stole a transit van - was jailed for three years.

At Leamington Justice Centre Gibbs, of no fixed address, admitted burgling the Grimstock Hill, Coleshill, property some time between 9.30am and 4pm after smashing a ground-floor window to gain access.

He stole two laptops and keys to a transit van parked on the drive, which he used to flee the scene.

Gibbs, who was jailed on November 17, also asked for three other burglaries - in Fernhill Road and Barrington Road in Olton, and Southwood Road in Shard End - to be taken in account by the judge.

Investigating officer, Solihull Police Sergeant Andy O'Keeffe, said: "The homeowner acted with huge courage in the face of an intruder less than half his age - and his actions in defending himself and his property have ultimately helped us to secure a lengthy jail sentence against Gibbs."