A controversial Birmingham-born artist has caused a sensation in Ireland with a unique exhibition of oil paintings.

Cahal Argue, aged 31, who grew up in Sparkhill and Wythall before moving to Ireland, displayed seven pieces of art from his Paintings exhibition at Buncrana's Tullyarvan Mill in County Donegal throughout August.

Mr Argue, who once had to move an exhibition because of the sensitive nature of his subjects which included naked starving children standing in front of the UN declaration of human rights, drew inspiration from Van Gogh, Gaugin, Botticelli, William Blake and Birmingham's Sir Edward Burne-Jones for his work.

Described as haunting, moving, stunning and inspirational by the Irish media, Mr Argue's work including landscapes and figurative work saw a record number of visitors to the Mill for an art exhibition with 150 people turning up on the opening day alone.

The artist gave away all of the paintings for free during a raffle.

Birmingham consultant and training manager Daniel Somers, aged 53, of Richmond Road, Solihull, saw Mr Argue's work during a trip to Ireland and bought a seascape painting created by the artist.

"I thought it was a breathtaking exhibition and it was a very energetic yet understated way of painting," he said.

"When you first have a look at his work, you think it is just OK but when you spend time in front of a canvas, you cannot move on to the next."