Birmingham has some of the worst gun crime hotspots in the country, according to a new survey.

The figures, obtained using Freedom of Information requests, compare firearms incidents with population numbers in police command unit areas.

Although Manchester and Nottingham are often described as having the worst gun crime problem in the country, the survey found that six out of the top ten worst areas are in the West Midlands.

They include Aston, Handsworth and Stechford in Birmingham, north Dudley, and east Wolverhampton.

Birmingham city centre came out worst in the survey with one incident for every 207 residents, although this is partly because of its low residential population.

The findings came after the Association of Chief Police Officers met in Birmingham to discuss gun crime earlier this week.

Offences included are any incident where the weapon, including airguns, is fired, used as a blunt instrument against a person, or used in a threat.

Nationally the number of firearms incidents fell by eight per cent in England and Wales last year, down to 10,267.

Most firearms incidents do not result in injury and of the 75 recorded in central Birmingham there were 12 injuries and 33 cases of the weapons being used to threaten people.

Figures earlier this year revealed gun crime in the West Midlands had fallen to 959 incidents, down from 1,138.

This comes to 37 offences per 100,000 people – higher than anywhere except London and Greater Manchester.

A new national ballistics database is to be established in Birmingham, it was revealed on Thursday.

It will provide police officers with a comprehensive source of information on gun crime intelligence in England and Wales.

Under the programme, three "hubs" will be established in London, Manchester and Birmingham to collect evidence from gun crime scenes and analyse it quickly.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "Gun crime is a strategic priority for the force, which uses a mediation service funded through the Birmingham Reducing Gang Violence group.

"This focuses on intervention towards key groups. Mediation work has contributed to a significant reduction in the number of gang related shootings."


1. Central Birmingham: 75 gun crimes from a population of 15,551 = one per 207 people

2. North Manchester: 183 from 64,207 = one per 351 people

3. South Manchester: 477 from 316911 = one per 664

4. Thornhill Road (Handsworth - West Mids): 122 from 92,013 = one per 754

5. Queen's Road (West Mids): 129 from 97,976 = one per 760

6. Wolverhampton East (Wednesfield - West Mids): 163 from 124,480 = one per 764

7. Dudley North (Dudley - West Mids): 157 from 128,569 = one per 819

8. Langbaurgh (Cleveland): 149 from 138,000 = one per 926

9. Stechford (West Mids) 158 from 148,950 = one per 943

10. Southwark (London) 259 from 244,869 = one per 945