As Steve Bruce tapped his toe to James Blunt at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall last night, it is safe to assume that any post-gig party was as bland as the music he had to endure.

However, while Blunt's music might not be cutting edge, Jermaine Pennant would do well to learn the art of decorum of his manager.

Bruce and his wife took in Blunt's concert last night and you could wager your house on the fact it won't be front page news today.

Contrast that with the sight of Pennant splashed all over the newspapers on Wednesday morning after another high-profile scrape at a VIP party in the Works night club on Broad Street.

Pictures of Pennant being lectured by a policewoman amid reports of a brawl have further harmed his reputation, but what was his biggest crime?

In my humble opinion, it was probably being present at the Kanye West concert, which is a crime against good music.

Pennant didn't breach club rules, as that only prevent players from drinking on licensed premises 48 hours prior to a fixture.

Whether Pennant was ejected from the club or uninvolved in the altercation is all conjecture; what is fact is that he was drinking in a nightclub in central Birmingham until the wee small hours of the morning.

With his past record of being sent to prison for drink-driving while disqualified and being sent home from training after turning up in an unfit state due to to excess alcohol, it wasn't his brightest move.

It is certainly another slap in the face to Bruce who has bent over backwards to accommodate his wayward star.

And he has called on Pennant to see the light once and for all or risk forever being labelled as a miscreant.

"I think he has got to take note of players such as John Terry and Tony Adams.

"John was in a few scrapes when he was younger but he has changed and is now an established England international," said Bruce.

"He has got to learn it's as simple as that. However, he has a bad boy reputation and it has been blown out of all proportion.

"He hasn't broken any club rules. Is he wrong to be out at 3am in the morning? In this day and age, yes.

"The incident was minimal but he can't keep getting himself into the scrapes he does.

"The simple facts are he shouldn't have been out at three o'clock in the morning."

Bruce admitted that Pennant will be dealt with internally after this latest indiscretion.

However, Pennant is a valuable commodity to Birmingham and an integral part of Bruce's first-team plans, which will be at the forefront of his mind with a crucial trip to Middlesbrough on the horizon. So Bruce is unlikely to sanction any knee-jerk response.

"We are all disappointed by him and we all feel let down by him, but I can't watch him for 24 hours," lamented

Bruce. "However, on the pitch he has been arguably our best player this season.

"I am not going to cut my nose off to spite my face- even though some might say that would improve it," he added in a rare moment of humour.

"You don't want them to live like monks, but it is a vicious circle."

"He has to learn that the way society perceives Premiership footballers. If you have a reputation that goes before you then everyone is out to try and 'do' you.

"The only way he can respond is by keeping his nose clean. It isn't for me to condemn him, as we don't know what happened."

Bruce has taken Pennant's side of the story at face value, but is concerned whether the ramifications have registered with his errant winger.

Despite Bruce's constant efforts, it appears as though alcohol could pose a problem throughout his career.

"According to Jermaine, he hasn't been fighting or had words with anyone," said Bruce.

"In his eyes he has done nothing wrong even by being out at three o'clock and therein lies the problem.

"He said he wasn't drunk; but has just been to a concert, for something to eat and then on to the VIP party afterwards.

"We can't keep reading about him on the front pages, as it takes away from his talent, which is undoubted."

Meanwhile Bruce also revealed that Birmingham have a deal in place with Chelsea to sign Jiri Jarosik on a permanent basis in the summer.

The Czech Republic midfielder has become increasingly influential for Birmingham as the season has unfolded and Bruce would like to snare him permanently.