Bournville College has recently worked in partnership with Lord Digby Jones to create an apprenticeship opportunity in the business NeutrinoBI.

Designed in 2007, NeutrinoBI offers a more user-centric solution to the breakthrough BI (business intelligence) search.

Their innovative approach involved developing the first ever freeform ‘internet search’ style engine and delivers next generation BI software designed to enhance decision-making across all levels of an organistion; allowing them to become more agile and efficient, to gain faster and exponential ROI.

Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, chairman of NeutrinoBI reiterated how vital apprenticeships are for the future of Britain and to our young workforce.

“If Britain is going to win in Asia’s century, our businesses need constant access to qualified skilled young people. This will not be achieved and the nation will not trade its way out of economic problems unless colleges such as Bournville College continue to produce apprentices.

We need young people willing to learn, happy to go back into communities and telling their friends that learning is cool. The more small businesses that work with Bournville College and ‘grow their own’ with sustainable jobs at the end of it, the quicker the nation will get back on its feet and the safer and more satisfied our society will be.”

Sonia Younas, 19 from Kings Heath was fortunate to become the first apprentice with NeutrinoBI. Having previously completed the Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with Bournville College, Sonia knew that she wanted to continue further.

“I had previously completed the Level 2 with Bournville College and knew that I wanted to complete my Level 3. The apprenticeship enabled me to gain a lot of experience and learn to work in a work environment with different age groups and cultures.” reflected Sonia.

“An apprenticeship is great; everything that I am taught at Bournville College I am able to put into practice at NeutrinoBI. The portfolio that I create and the course content relate to my job, reiterating what I do.

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others and I am very glad of the role as it is a lot more hands on and practical. In addition, I am not only able to increase my skills in the administration aspect but also have the opportunity to gain experience in different areas including IT,” added Sonia.

n If you would like to find out more on the range of apprenticeships offered by Bournville College and the added benefits to your business please call Jennifer Johnson on 0121 477 1400 or email