Birmingham City managing director Karren Brady has rounded on "narrow minded" city councillors who are opposing plans for a super casino in the Saltley area of the city.

The Blues boss criticised three Washwood Heath councillors who have objected to the building of an entertainment complex in their ward.

Brady, who described the councillors' comments as "sad and frustrating", reiterated her view that the casino would help to kick-start regeneration in the area because it would generate cash to build a new multisport "super stadium".

She also dismissed claims that the casino would increase crime as "very narrow minded and an extremely out-of-date way of thinking".

Birmingham City Council's regeneration chief Ken Hardeman joined Brady in criticising the three council members, who voiced their opposition in a joint statement. Brady also went into detail about the potential benefits for the whole city if the massive sporting and entertainment complex got the go-ahead.

She said: "I find the councillors comments sad and frustrating for both myself and the regeneration department who are working extremely hard to realise the potential of what is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring such an exciting development to Birmingham.

"It is obvious that these points and judgments have been made without the full facts and are based on misconceptions of what the proposal actually is. The completed plans will be presented to the city council in October, a presentation to which all councillors will be invited.

"With sight of the plans and the chance to listen to what the proposal has to offer, all concerned will have a fuller picture and the basis to make a rational and considered judgement for or against the development."

The statement by Councillors Tariq Khan, Mohammed Idrees and Ansar Ali Khan, claimed that a casino in a poor inner-city area close to housing would have a negative impact on the environment.

However, Brady said the 55-acre derelict site earmarked for the stadium development offered no benefit to the people of Birmingham in its current state.

She also envisaged "ample car parking" and increased post- match clean- up operations.

She added: "There is absolutely no research or evidence available that shows any correlation between the location of a casino and negative impacts on the quality of education or, indeed, that such a development breeds an addiction to gambling.

"The development will be a family venue offering a family entertainment leisure complex."

Coun Hardeman ( Con Brandwood), cabinet member for regeneration, said:

"This project has to be weighed up on its merit rather than the scaremongering of the few.

"The perception that this is going to be a den of iniquity is wrong. This is going to be an attraction for the whole region to enjoy."