Bjork has beaten Ozzy Osbourne to be voted the world's most eccentric star.

The Icelandic singer topped the list thanks to her weird and wonderful dress sense.

Her "swan dress" at the 2001 Oscars will go down in fashion history.

Bjork, aged 40, has also hit the headlines for her outrageous behaviour - including physically attacking a journalist in Bangkok Airport.

Former boxing champion Chris Eubank came second in the BBC poll.

David Icke, the exgoalkeeper and self-proclaimed Son of God who believes the world is run by giant lizards, was third.

Dr Who actor and Little Britain narrator Tom Baker was in fourth place.

Fifth was former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, followed by racing pundit and Celebrity Big Brother house-mate John McCririck.

Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, designer Vivienne Westwood, broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile and spoon-bender Uri Geller made up the top ten.

The top 20 included Sir Elton John and former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten.

Nearly 6,000 people voted in the survey for the BBC's Homes & Antiques magazine.

Editor Bernie Herlihy said: "Bjork's eclectic fashion sense and amazing but quirky music secured her the top slot.

"Most of our top 20 eccentrics are unconventional in one way or another, and some are wonderfully lovable."

The survey results are published in the February edition of Homes & Antiques.