Two student radio DJs in Birmingham have been banned from the airwaves after they claimed that another student, the daughter of TV presenter Des O’Connor, worked as a porn actress.

Lewis Grewcock, aged 20, and 22-year-old Sam Foster were sacked from Birmingham University’s Burn FM over their on-air slur, totally unfounded, earlier this month but have been allowed to continue with their studies.

Birmingham University is investigating the incident, which echoes the prank calls made by Radio 2 DJs Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs.

Former Countdown host Mr O’Connor, aged 76, has described the lewd comments about 21-year-old Kristina O’Connor, also a student at the university, as “puerile nonsense”.

The lewd remarks came on the pair’s satirical Sanctuary Radio Hour show after Spanish and Italian student Kristina had appeared in the university newspaper to talk about a website she has set up to enable people to swap fashion tips.

Birmingham University initially said it was up to the Guild of Students to investigate but has pledged to look again at the claims.

The Guild took no action against Grewcock and Foster, despite criticism by the university’s newspaper.

But the student committee for Burn FM decided to remove their weekly slot and ban the pair from broadcasting future shows.

Grewcock has shrugged off the scandal.

“Ours was a satirical show and we hoped that our listeners would not take our comments literally,” he is reported to have said.

In October, Brand and celebrity friend Ross caused uproar after leaving lewd messages on the answer phone of Fawlty Towers actor Sachs, claiming Brand had slept with model and actress Georgina Baillie.

Brand resigned from the show while Ross is currently suspended from his job at the BBC.

A spokesman for the university said: “The investigation is still ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment any further.”