A massive protest against planned rises in tuition fees will be held on the day MPs vote on the controversial increases, with workers and pensioners set to join students.

Organisers have dubbed the protest Day X and predicted widespread action in universities, colleges and schools as well as a huge demonstration in London. It is expected to take place before Christmas.

Meanwhile, fresh protests were held today for the third time in recent weeks, including a rally in London’s Trafalgar Square and a march to Parliament, past Downing Street.

Demonstrations were also expected in Birmingham while the Guild of Students from the University of Birmingham were due to meet Business Secretary Vince Cable in London.

The Government is proposing to increase the cap on tuition fees from £3,375 to as much as £9,000 a year.

There will be an opposition day debate on tuition fees in Parliament today.

Mark Bergfeld, of the Education Activist Network, said universities could be shut down for the day when Parliament votes on tuition fees.

“Buildings in more than 15 universities are currently being occupied by students and the momentum continues to build against this unjust increase in tuition fees and scrapping of Education Maintenance Allowances,” he said.

“Students are in the vanguard of the fight against this Government but we have unions and other groups including pensioners on our side as well.

“We are building for Day X when we will call on workers as well as students and others to join our fight.”

Up to 40 students occupied the Aston Webb building at the University of Birmingham last Wednesday as part of a national protest.

In London 41 people were arrested after a group of protesters smashed a police van in Whitehall, leading officers to surround demonstrators in a so-called “kettling” operation.

Violence also flared on November 10 after a march by 50,000 students when some protesters smashed windows at the London headquarters of the Conservative Party.

Labour MP John McDonnell and Green MP Caroline Lucas will be among speakers at the Trafalgar Square rally.