Birmingham boss Alex McLeish believes the Premier League have created a "grey area" by fining Wolves over the strength of the side they fielded against Manchester United at Old Trafford in December.

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy made 10 changes for the visit to the Red Devils and this week the Molineux club were hit by a suspended £25,000 fine by the Premier League.

But McLeish wants to know if action will now be taken against the league's big guns when they make changes to their established first choice line-ups.

The former Scotland boss said: "It is a grey area now. Where is it deemed that you have made too many changes and therefore you are going to get fined?

"What happens when Manchester United play in the Champions League and then rest six players the next game? What happens when Liverpool and Arsenal do that?

"The argument is maybe they've got more world class players than we have and therefore all these guys are recognisable household names anyway.

"But there is a grey area been created now and it is hard on Wolves and I don't think it was a good decision for English football."

McLeish is also against the Premier League proposal to introduce a play-off to decide the fourth Champions League spot.

The Scot, who managed Rangers in the Champions League, said: "I don't think it is a great suggestion at all. It might be exciting for fans and it might make some money, but it drags things on beyond the end of the season.

"I think the Dutch tried this model and they binned it after two or three years. It might be worthwhile getting advice with the Dutch and asking why they never went forward with the system.

"If you start looking at this, maybe teams third from bottom will start asking for play-offs, to play teams fourth and fifth in the Championship so where does it stop?

"If you play a long hard season and end up in a certain position, then that's because you've played 38 games and I don't see why we have to add anymore."