Birmingham salesman Mark Pritchard has a sudden need for speed after scooping a £90,000 Porsche in an airport raffle.

The 38-year-old, from Stourbridge, can now swap his humble Vauxhall Corsa for the sleek 911 4S.

But theres just one decision facing Mark whether to keep the supercar or cash in.

I feel Im dreaming at the moment, he admitted.

To get the call to say Id won a new 911 hit me for six. I still cant believe it.

To say Im in dreamland is an understatement this is the most incredible news Ive ever had.

Mark, head of sales for a Great Barr commercial property marketing company, used a van for business trips before his boss forked out s500 a month for the Corsa.

But he said he faced a tough call about whether to sell the Porsche perhaps not the most sensible runaround for wife Claire, aged 40, and six-year-old son Kobe.

Im weighing up the options, he admitted.

My heart is saying, keep the car. My head is saying, get something a little less glamorous like a Corsa. One of the worries is constantly keeping an eye on something like that.

Mark won the Porsche in a spot the ball type challenge involving Birmingham Airport, where it was on show.

He picked up the keys at the airport from William Hindmarch, the chief executive of competition firm Best of the Best, which gives away supercars every 15 days in airport and online competitions. The company, a familiar fixture in airports and shopping centres, has given away prestige vehicles worth more than s14 million in the last year alone.