Play-offs: Birmingham & Solihull Bees 24 Moseley 17

What Moseley's dejected followers will wonder in the aftermath of this distressing defeat to Birmingham & Solihull is how - in the space of just seven days - a side can go from inflicting a first defeat for five months on the league leaders to suffering one at the hands of a team that had not won in nearly a year?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the fact theirs is a team whose split personalities are more polarised than even Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide's. Indeed Robert Louis Stevenson's Victorian gentleman looks the model of consistency and calm compared to Ian Smith's schizophrenic bunch.

Inevitably the search for answers begins in the key decision-making positions and the comparison between Bees' Ben Patston and his opposite number Tristan Roberts was stark.

Patston, playing for the first time in two months, prompted his team superbly. Indeed the entire second half was an exhibition of the former Cambridge man's ability to turn opponents and keep them pinned back at a safe distance.

Roberts managed to do that against Bristol last Saturday but palpably failed here. Indeed his positional kicking was every bit as execrable at Sharmans Cross as it had been excellent at Billesley Common.

Bolt that shortcoming on to the likelihood this was always going to be the ultimate banana skin. Moseley never play well against Bees and both sides know it.

Which probably explains why the visitors were so jittery. Such was their anxiety not to get dragged into the dreaded game of sevens, that they booted away virtually all of the possession they managed to garner against a solid looking home pack.

On the couple of occasions they tried and managed to retain the ball, Aly Muldowney trundled unhindered over the line.

Otherwise all that could be said for them was that they turned up. Some of them.

And as a result that tension will only increase. Moseley started the relegation play-offs scandalised that they were even involved and with a league position suggesting they are the most capable of the four teams involved.

However, now they go into their second game - at home to Rotherham - with that status in doubt and under severe pressure. They simply cannot afford to go to Coventry on Saturday week still looking for a first victory.

Bees, on the other hand, go to the same venue next weekend believing anything is possible.

Not only have they finally caught the breeze in their sail, they have done it by reconstructing their boat in the middle the ocean and in a storm and after spending the entire season facing into wind.

With Patston pulling the strings, their set-piece holding its own and genuine finishing quality on the wings - Anthony Elliott and Simon Hunt both crossed in this one - they are more than a match for their relegation rivals.

Particularly now that their tails are up. Belief is a heady intoxicant and Russell Earnshaw's men have every reason to feel it coursing through their veins.

And as a result there might yet be an unexpected twist in this most meandering of campaigns.

BEES: Penn; Hunt, Holtby, Lawson, Elliott; Patston, Brown; Long, Philpott, Halavatau, Davidson, Noonan, Connolly, Bell (Preece 70), Earnshaw. Reps not used: Orme, Clayton, Pitfield, Mitchell, Petty.

MOSELEY: Borgen; Bressington, May, Reay, Mensah-Coker; Roberts, Gasson (Taylor 55); Williams, Caves (Oselton 62), Sigley (Gilding 75), Muldowney (Evans 62), Stott, Mason, Pennycook (Rowland 62), Wilson. Reps not used: Keys, Gillick