Dear Editor, The Tories bicker over Europe while the economy founders.

Tory Euro-sceptics destroyed John Major’s government and now seem intent on destroying Cameron. And the Euro sceptic MPs for Nuneaton (Marcus Jones) and North Warwickshire (Dan Byles) are part of the right wing faction opposing the Prime Minister.

Conservatives have squabbled about their policy on the EU since the 1970s and they constantly obsess about their differences.

At a time when unemployment is rising, the police, fire service and schools are being cut, energy prices are out of control and the George Eliot Hospital is in trouble, local Tory MPs have decided that a debate about the EU is the most important thing for them. They just don’t understand that while the public is certainly suspicious of the EU, it has other priorities at the moment.

The MPs think Cameron is out of touch and Cameron thinks the Eurosceptic MPs are foolhardy wreckers, endangering the economy.

Cameron is right on this; it is the Euro-sceptic Tory MPs like Byles and Jones who are out of touch. What is the highest priority for them is not the highest priority for most local people.

Harry Taylor

by email