Birmingham poet Benjamin Zephaniah has written a poem dedicated to The Osbournes.

He poet wrote the fivestanza poem earlier this year, after learning that the MTV reality series was coming to an end.

Zephaniah, who, like Ozzy Osbourne, hails from Birmingham, said: "I've been a bemused observer of The Osbournes since the very first episode.

"I thought it was only fitting to put pen to paper and write them a fitting ode. Ozzy's not just the Prince of Darkness, but he's bona-fide Brummie royalty too."

Zephaniah, who famously turned down an OBE, said: "On the night I wrote the poem I was thinking about all the things that I loved and how much I would miss them if they went. The challenge was to write a poem about a family that has become an alternative institution without it sounding too worthy."

A stanza from the poem reads:

There'll be no more father figure

And the mother we all crave

Will not inspire us sinners

As her children rant and rave

They'll be no one left to ruin us

And make us shout out loud

We need stuff that is ridiculous to make us all feel proud.