Business leaders were meeting Birmingham MPs today to discuss the campaign to improve New Street Station.

Representatives from the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Birmingham Forward, the Institute of Directors, the CBI and the Engineering Employers Federation want pressure put on the Government.

The meeting, which will also discuss traffic congestion, was being held at Birmingham City Council's London office.

Jerry Blackett, BCI policy director, said: "Meeting on a regular basis is vital if we are to have any success with the main issues affecting Birmingham and requiring Government support.

"The redevelopment of New Street Station, for example, is something that can go ahead only with support from the Government and we need MPs from all parties to get behind the plans and lobby on our behalf.

"The city region debate is something that will become increasingly important over the coming years as the Government looks to devolve more powers to local authorities.

"There is potential for a massive benefit to Birmingham and the region and to increase the civic leadership contribution from business.

"We want to share our thinking with those in power and ensure we work together to ensure the long-term prosperity of the West Midlands."

Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby said: "West Midlands councils must have new powers and greater control over our own destiny if we are to compete with other European city regions.

"We need local accountability for transport and economic development decisions.

"Along with our neighbouring authorities, and our business partners we are calling on the Government to give us the opportunity to restore some of the civic pride and enterprise that are such a feature of Birmingham's history."