What links Brad Pitt, Bette Midler and Hollywood mogul David Geffen to Birmingham?

They have all been persuaded by a radio producer to sprinkle a bit of their Tinseltown magic over shows made in the city.

Pitt was approached by Dave Barber, head of programmes for BBC Radio 2 in Birmingham, after he read that the film star was a fan of the late Warwickshire musician, Nick Drake.

Mr Barber wanted to make a programme about the artist and find a way of making his music accessible to listeners who had never heard of him. The story of Pitt's involvement as narrator for the show reached India and China.

Now Mr Barber is hoping to recreate some of that success as Midler and Geffen - the billionaire head of the famous Dreamworks film stable - share their memories of Laura Nyro.

Nyro, who died in 1997 aged just 49, was a singer/songwriter contemporary of Joni Mitchell and Carole King. She is best known for songs such as Stoned Soul Picnicand Stoney End, hit records for artists such as Barbara Streisand.

Midler was a great friend of Nyro and Geffen was her manager in the late 60s. Shooting Star - Laura Nyro Remembered is on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow at 9.30pm.