Bolton Wanderers manager Sam Allardyce fears the fog that enveloped Birmingham City's original fixture with his club could cloud their chances of success tonight.

In November, adverse weather conditions put paid to this clash and left a rueful Allardyce reflecting on what might have been.

His team has failed to win in their last eight Premiership away fixtures and he is approaching tonight's clash with a degree of trepidation.

He said: "Of course I feel for Steve and what he is going through, but when we were going to play Birmingham at St Andrew's earlier in the season, I don't mind admitting we were rub-bing our hands a little bit.

"That's not the case any more, I just don't think it will be easy for our team to go and win at St Andrew's, not at all, because we're in such a poor run away from the Reebok Stadium.

"Even though our performances have not warranted many of those defeats. they have still happened and we're lacking confidence on the road, there is no denying that.

"It is the exact opposite to how we have done on home soil. It's infuriating because, whether it is Liverpool or Birmingham, we can turn anybody over at home.

"But on our travels, we have a little bit of doubt in our mind. We need to try to set that to one side but going to a place like Birmingham, where the heat is on, is not going to be easy.

"The plan is to keep it as tight as we can, make it as hard as we can for them; it's another home game for Steve and the team know they have got to try to win it.

"I expect they could get over-anxious, I expect there could be over-anxiety in the crowd. The pressure they are under is intense and I don't like seeing Steve in that situation and all the negative coverage he is getting.

"But we are chasing Europe, friendships are put to one side and we have got to try to sit back and soak it up before capitalising.

"We've had a lot of difficulty with this game due to the fog down at St Andrew's. Fitting this game in has been a problem. They wanted it when we didn't and when we wanted it they didn't. It's been fun and games, what with the FA Cup replays thrown in as well."