Emma Pinch tries her hand at the Microsoft Gamestation

Computer games have moved on slightly since I last manipulated a joystick - Pacman, circa 1985 on an old Atari. Addictive, but hardly imaginative.

Out went the tennis ball with a mouth, in came Inphyy, avenging warrior princess, one of a host of characters on 99 Knights.

Inphyy's goal was to exact revenge on her father's killer and kill as many goblins as possible. Despite her devotion to her quest, I was pleased to note that she still took care with her wardrobe.

Dressed in a fetching red tunic with keyhole detail on the chest, and golden wings sticking up over her shoulder armour, she would dazzle even the most ferocious of goblins.

Inphyy whirled round in a frenzy of lightning-quick sword strokes, with barely any help from me. She hacked through hordes of archers, goblins and even felled an army general.

A map at the top of the screen, and a helpful nudge from senior sales adviser, Tom Flash, indicated where she should mount her attack next.

I managed an impressive 73 kills and downed several magic pots of energy. The simple premise of the game did not seem that different to Pacman actually - but the visual effects were out of this world.