Automotive expert David Bailey believes the new managers overseeing Jaguar Land Rover have been brought in to speed up the firm’s plans.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the appointment of Dr Ralf Speth as its new chief executive – just days after owner Tata Motors brought in Carl-Peter Forster as its chief executive. blogger Prof Bailey believes the new bosses will speed up JLR’s operations – meaning cutbacks and new models could happen more quickly.

Speaking of Mr Speth, he said: “He has got a lot of experience in the automotive industry and he has had a role at Land Rover before, when it was under BMW.

“He is an interesting appointment, especially considering he will be reporting to Carl-Peter Forster.

“This signifies Tata taking much more hands on approach. I think David Smith did a brilliant job at guiding JLR through the recession but I think this shows they want to speed things up like cuts and getting new models out.”

He added: “A lot of people, including Julia King at Aston and myself think they have got to move more quickly with green technology and there is a lot of speculation about a new two-seater sports car.

“I think the strategy will be the same but they have got to implement it more quickly.”

Dr Speth, who will have overall responsibility for JLR’s operations, will report to Mr Forster.

The firm said Dr Speth, who is 54, has more than 22 years experience in the European auto industry, most of which was at BMW. His last role was vice president of Land Rover.

Before that he was director of production, quality and product planning at the premier automotive group of Ford. He has also been with the Linde Group, where he was the head of global operations reporting to the chairman.

Ravi Kant, the vice chairman of Tata Motors, said: “The introduction of Dr Ralf Speth into Jaguar Land Rover under the guidance of Carl-Peter Forster will considerably strengthen the management of the company and enhance the position and reputation of the two iconic brands in line with the long term strategy of the company.”