Pet owners should be slapped with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) if their animals misbehave.

One in three people recommended the controversial move in a survey about mischievous pets.

Neighbours' pets cause such annoyance 36 per cent of respondents said owners should be reported to the police and 24 per cent suggested the nuisance pets should be permanently taken away.

According to the survey released by Saga Pet Insurance, one in ten people has had a neighbour's animal enter the house to attack their pet or damage furniture.

A further 19 per cent are unable to sleep because of persistent barking and 12 per cent say other people's pets bring dead animals into their homes and gardens.

Commenting on the research, Andrew Goodsell, the Chief Executive of Saga, said: "Owners of some of the most badly behaved dogs may wish to check their insurance cover to ensure they are covered for any damage their pets might cause. Owners without insurance could be sued and held personally liable if for example their dog bites the postman."

It's not all bad news for next door's moggy, however.

Almost half of respondents conceded they liked stroking their neighbour's pet and a quarter said they looked after them when owners went on holiday.