Apprentices are critical to JLR’s growth plans – that’s why we are set to recruit record numbers this year.

Apprenticeships have long been central to Jaguar Land Rover’s business and in 2012 we shall be recruiting record numbers.

At Jaguar Land Rover we see Apprenticeships as a valuable and credible alternative career path for the brightest and the best, indeed many of our senior managers in Jaguar Land Rover began their career as an Apprentice.

We recognise university is not always suitable for everybody, although many of our Apprentices subsequently complete an in-house degree course.

On February 6, Jaguar Land Rover opened up its 2012 online application process, and for those successful candidates it promises to be a rewarding, engaging and challenging experience combining the very best practical and academic learning.

This year Jaguar Land Rover will recruit 133 Apprentices, including for the first time 24 Higher Apprenticeships who will work towards the acquisition of NVQs at level 2,3 and 4 and a degree in a comprehensive programme open to A-Level students. The remaining 109 Advanced Apprentice opportunities are open to GCSE qualified candidates who will also work towards NVQ levels 2 and 3 during the 4 year programme.

Jaguar Land Rover believes strongly that a sustained commitment to Apprenticeships is needed if we are to continue to harness fresh new talent into manufacturing.

With youth unemployment on the rise, Apprenticeship programmes can provide young people with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for a prosperous future and also provide UK firms with a loyal, motivated, enthusiastic workforce with leading edge competencies and skills.

Our challenge is to attract a broad range of candidates. As an example, not enough women apply to us so our message is clear: Apprenticeships are a fantastic route to a challenging and rewarding career providing structured professional development opportunities and the chance to make a tangible difference to the future of our business.

If this is the kind of challenge you would relish, it’s simple, apply today!

Des Thurlby, JLR HR Director

* Details of all Jaguar Land Rover apprenticeship opportunities are available at