Apple will today unveil its latest gadget - expected to be a new wide-screen iPod.

Speculation has been growing that Apple is to introduce the new generation iPods ahead of a media briefing by the company later today.

Technology enthusiasts were also speculating that the company might introduce Beatles content for Apple’s iTunes store or an enhanced iPhone ring-tone feature at a media event broadcast from the company’s headquarters at San Francisco Moscone Convention Center in California.

According to invitations sent to the media, the event is titled The Beat Goes On and features the same iPod-wielding silhouette that makes up Apple’s ad campaign for its portable music player, suggesting the event will be iPod-focused.

Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about product update announcements, but speculation on websites suggests the introduction of iPods with wi-fi capabilities or some form of the touch-screen interface used by the company’s iPhone, which was unveiled in July.

It has been over a year since Apple last updated the iPod Nano and full-sized iPod lines - about as long as they have ever left the product unchanged.

Discussion on websites also points out that the American holiday season is approaching, which has seen a rise in the sales of iPods in the past.

A spokeswoman for the company refused to give any hint on what the event was about.

But some Apple watchers suggest that the fact that it is being held at the company’s California headquarters means that whatever is announced will be significant.