Dear Editor, They bulldozed and destroyed a beautiful 18th century house on Harborne Hill, Edgbaston, near Harborne Hill School.

David Cox, the Birmingham artist, may well have painted some of his paintings there.

This is a hateful and disgraceful occurrence to have happened for Birmingham people’s heritage – it could not have been a listed building, but it was a marvellous, white 18th century building that must have been here before they built Harborne and Edgbaston.

I have spoken to Deirdre Alden, the local Conservative councillor, and she said she objected, but they still utterly destroyed it. They are going to build luxury modern flats in its place.

I suppose Birmingham City Council are responsible for giving permission to whoever is responsible for pulling the house down – my feelings are beyond comprehension.

How many more old houses have to be knocked down in Birmingham before they can be stopped?