Another missed penalty, and now an own goal ... you would think that Juan Pablo Angel would want to crawl under a stone.

Not so. Despite missing five of his past six penalties, he said: "I'll keep going. Absolutely. It doesn't change at all."

Aston Villa drew 1-1 at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday and would have won but for Angel's interventions, which took place in the space of 90 seconds. He missed a penalty in the 74th minute and then headed into his own goal almost immediately.

Only a superlative goal by Gareth Barry ensured that Villa came away with a draw and Angel, despite his misfortunes, found much about which he could be pleased.

With Everton losing 2-1 away to Middlesbrough, Villa are now the only unbeaten team in the Premiership, having made their best start to a season since 1998.

"It was one of those days but the main thing is we got a point," Angel said. "We could have lost it and in the end it was a fair result. It was a fantastic goal by Gareth, one of

the best I've seen, and it was a great relief for us - and especially for me.

"After my own goal I was disappointed and it was good for me that Villa scored. I've never had a more bizarre minute. Never. It was crazy. Stuart Taylor [Villa goalkeeper] shouted 'leave the ball' but in that split second I got a touch.

"Overall I'm pleased with the performance of the team especially for the last 30 minutes of the second half. We showed great determination and we saved a point."

Angel was not unique in offering praise for Barry. Everybody, even the Tottenham players, were wondering why such a good player is overlooked at i nternational level. But Angel is sure that his team-mates will eventually find a way back into the England squad.

"He is a very intelligent lad and I am sure he will get the chance to play for England and when that chance comes around I am sure he will do proud everyone at Aston Villa," Angel said. "He is a quality player and he is playing very well week in and week out.

"He is not one of those players that play one game well and t hen doesn't perform. He has been doing it consistently over the years and I am sure England need that type of player. He knows his chance will come sooner rather than later."

Angel played a slightly different role against Tottenham. Usually, he is the lone man in a 4-3-2-1 formation, but this time he was part of a 4-4-2 formation, alongside Milan Baros. But Villa did not begin well and only improved once Baros was substituted.

"I think it will take a bit of time to adapt to that [4-4-2]," Angel said. "Especially in the first half, we were a little bit uncomfortable in general but it happens when you change systems.

"For most of the season we have played with one striker and two wide players but we are working on it. We were also a bit leggy at the start with most of the lads having come back from international duty.

"It took us time to get going but the most important thing was the determination. Last year, I think in the same situation we would have lost the game.

"The lone job - I have been handling it well the first few games but I am happy to be playing, I'm really enjoying my time and I want to keep going."

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