Nazi row MP Aidan Burley’s mum has hit out over the “tragic end” of her son’s “promising” political career.

Cannock Chase member Aidan has announced he would not stand at the next election , in a move welcomed by politicians in his constituency, who said he had brought shame on the area.

A Conservative Party inquiry found Mr Burley had been stupid and offensive for organising a Nazi-themed party in France.

He also hit the headlines after branding the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony ‘multicultural crap’ .

Lois Burley, who ran one of Birmingham’s best-known PR firms until her retirement in 2012, said that her son’s decision to step down from Parliament at the general election next year was “very sad”.

She said: “As you can imagine this is a very sad time for us all – especially his family and close friends. From the outset Aidan worked so hard and has always been an extraordinarily dedicated constituency MP.

“I think the overwhelming support he has received from his constituents speaks volumes.

“It is a tragic end to such a promising career in politics.”

Lois Burley
Lois Burley

Mr Burley, 35, was sacked as a ministerial aide in 2011 after it was revealed he attended a stag party in France where one guest wore a replica SS uniform .

The leader of Cannock Chase Council called him a “lame duck” who has “brought shame” on the area.

Labour councillor George Adamson said the Tory MP should “do the decent thing” and resign immediately.

Coun Adamson said: “He is a lame duck MP and the best thing would be for him to go now. He can’t do anything for Cannock Chase now. People have lost confidence in him.

“He’s been batting a lot of people off to councillors, which isn’t good enough when he earns an MP’s salary plus expenses.

“The Tories won’t let him go immediately because it’s a marginal seat and they know they would lose if there was an election now.”

Mr Burley was elected in 2010 with a 3,195 majority, after Labour’s Tony Wright stood down for health reasons.

Coun Adamson said: “Aidan Burley was elected by a landslide and has failed to fulfil the hopes of the constituency. In many ways he has made Cannock Chase a laughing stock. He has put the area on the map for all the wrong reasons.

“He should do the decent thing and resign now. He should have gone long ago.”