Dear Editor, I was most interested to read Alan Clawley’s letter, Redeveloped Conservatoire drowned out, in your last edition and would support him.

However, I have a quibble. His statement that the Adrian Boult Hall is ideal for amateur groups is a little patronising.

For one thing the hall is used for other purposes. Only recently it accommodated the Green Party’s annual conference and the Birmingham Book Festival.

Since October 1986, the Adrian Boult Hall has been used by Birmingham Chamber Music Society for its concerts as part of its strong relationship with the Conservatoire.

The ensembles engaged are professional, many are of international repute and frequently comment on the excellence of the hall’s acoustics and ambience.

Readers can confirm this for themselves by attending the concert on Sunday afternoon, December 5 to be given by the redoubtable Fitzwilliam Quartet, or even the concert of rising stars Boult Quartet this coming Saturday evening, November 6.

Bill Hoad

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