It’s been a difficult few months for Sienna Miller following her second break-up with Jude Law.

Celebrity hairstylist Warren Holmes, from Lichfield, put the actress on the pages of magazines and internet sites across the world when he transformed her locks at a fashion party.

Warren says: “The first time I worked on Sienna Miller’s hair was at a party held by fashion designer Matthew Williamson.

“She fancied a change so I gave her a fringe and then put her hair up in a ponytail at the back.

“It was a Wednesday night so I didn’t want to go too over the top.

“Then I did something I’d never done before. I had some grips in my pocket so I pinned up the middle of her ponytail and let the ends flick out around her ears.

“It took five minutes but that look ended up being really big.

“Sienna is so cool. She works the boho look really well. She’s a trendsetter herself, she doesn’t need to follow trends.”

Warren had wanted to be a hairdresser ever since he watched his mother doing her hair.

“I remember watching my mum blow-drying her hair to make it straight,” he says.

“I was about 11.

“After she had gone out, I went and nicked her hairdryer and tried to do the same with my own curly hair. I ended up burning myself multiple times in the process!

“Growing up in Lichfield there wasn’t really anything around that I could draw influence from so I took to looking at the hairstyles in my mum’s magazines.

“Of course, I didn’t tell any of my mates. My mum was the only person who knew what I wanted to do.”

In time, Warren confessed to his friends and started collecting pocket money by cutting their hair for them.

Then he got a job at a salon in Lichfield and soon started using his own money to set up hair shoots.

“I knew I wanted to do that sort of hairdressing,” he recalls.

“Then Nicky Clarke opened a salon in Birmingham and I was invited along for a test and got the job.

“Nicky took me under his wing. He trusted me and it gave me confidence in myself.”

Since then this Lichfield boy has gone on the work on the locks of the good and the great, from Telegraph fashion editor Hilary Alexander to fashion designer Matthew Williamson and even Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

“They’re great,” says Warren, “but that’s all I’m allowed to say about them as I’ve had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

“I work with Kate Moss too. She has pretty fine hair and I’ve put extensions in for her.

“You have to have a mental note of around seven to eight different styles, a catalogue of images in your head as to what you could do. Then you scrap all but one of them.

“I did my first shoot with the famous photographer Mario Testino with Kate Moss.

“Naomi Campbell is another great model. I’ve worked with her twice and I’ve never understood how she gets the reputation for being difficult.

“I’ve never had a problem with her and, in fact, the second time I met her she said ‘I remember you Warren.’

“I was really pleased.”

He’s also travelled the world, taking part in the busy backstages of catwalk shows in New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks.

He’s just got back from working at the Vivienne Westwood show at London Fashion Week.

He said: “I got the chance to speak to Vivienne Westwood. She’s quite an old lady but she’s very cool.

“She’s from Derbyshire which isn’t far from me. It isn’t where you expect a fashion designer to come from.

“What surprised me was how she was using fashion as a way of having a voice about issues like climate change.

“She had ‘candy floss’ style hair with different colours at her show. It was high drama.

“Whilst the other designers bring together particularly trends they are working on, Westwood puts in whatever she’s thinking about at that time.

“It’s cool.”


according to Warren Holmes

* Seventies – think Studio 54. This style uses old-fashioned techniques with new products to make the look more contemporary. We saw this on the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, who always leads the way for style in both clothing and hair and make-up in my opinion.

* Ponytails – this style is massive this spring. Wear your ponytail tight to your head like we saw in the Celine and Michael Kors shows.

* Up-dos – this season it’s all about chignon-type styles that are really tight to the head. Put your hair into a simple knot or plait then pin it back on itself. This was seen in the big fashion houses like Versace, Prada and Gucci.

* Scuba-diving hair – There is always one look for spring that is for people to wear on the beach in high summer. This time it is to make the hair look really wet with lots of gel and pomade. There is also a line around the top to make it look like you’ve just taken your goggles off. Not everyone’s going to want to wear their hair like this but you have to have a bit of a fantasy look every season.