Perhaps someone should prosecute regional development agency Advantage West Midlands.

Because I am getting fed up of such organisations increasingly discriminating against white people.

I am referring to AWM's bid to encourage interested individuals to put themselves forward for its board.

All very laudable.

Until we get to the bit in the job description which states: "The West Midlands is a vibrant, diverse and multi-cultural region and Advantage West Midlands wants its board to reflect this. Currently minority ethnic candidates and women are under-represented at this level - something the Agency is keen to address."

So, if you are white and male, don't bother.

No doubt some would suggest this is positive discrimination and a good thing.

I say it is reverse racism and should be outlawed.

Indeed, I am getting totally fed up with the hand-wringing, heart on their sleeve, diversity brigade.

Their mantra is that workforces should represent the ethnic composition of the city. Why?

Are we going to say that Indian restaurants should be forced to employ a certain number of white cooks?

Are we going to demand more Asians work in the sex industry as hostesses, lap dancers and the like? You could argue there is massive over-representation of the Asian community in the business sector, so why worry if there is under-representation in, say, local government?

And this whole issue is very similar as it affects women too.

Do more girls go into nursing and primary school teaching because they want to and there is a biological leaning towards "mothering" and children or are they proscribed in that direction by a careers system which is institutionally against them aspiring to "better" jobs?

In my view putting people into boxes such as Asian, coloured, women and white male is discriminatory in itself.

Apart from the word Asian encompassing various different, and sometimes opposing, ethnic groups within it, why is everyone within Birmingham not just viewed as Brummies?

Whatever happened to simply appointing the best person for the job whatever their race, creed, colour or sex? Yet I am told that if you are a white, middle class youngster it is now very hard to get a start in the police.

And I think that is wrong. The career advice I got on leaving university in 1973 - from a woman incidentally - was that I had no chance of getting into journalism and I should consider sales.

If you are determined and talented enough the world is your oyster. Apart from anything else these days, there are organisations crawling all over you to help you set up your own small business in any sector you want.

A certain level of employment bias will never be eliminated because there will always be those who want to fix jobs for their chums, members of their lodge, the son of a business associate or whatever.

I abhor discrimination at all levels, and public bodies in particular shouldn't be putting up artificial barriers.