Car dealership chain Rybrook Holdings is to launch an acquisition drive in the coming months after announcing its new managing director.

The Warwickshire company, which is the rump of the former Ryland Group, aims to increase the number of brands it sells and the number of dealerships it operates.

It is close to announcing the purchase of a dealership in Yorkshire in addition to the 12 other sites it owns around the country.

As Ryland Group it sold nine deal-erships to Sytner at the end of August for an undisclosed sum.

The new group is headed by Henry Whale, former development director of the Ryland Group, who has been appointed managing director.

Mr Whale's plans for the new company involve a significant acquisition programme, with the aim of furthering growth by adding to its current franchises.

The majority ownership remains with the Whale family, with Henry's father, Peter Whale, the former chief executive of Ryland, becoming chairman of Rybrook Holdings.

Mr Whale said: "The first large acquisition is nearing completion and details will be announced shortly.

"We are therefore looking forward to expanding the range of specialist franchises under the Rybrook umbrella as well as developing our contract hire business, Ryland Unity Vehicle Solutions."