It's a case of virtual reality for Birmingham-based commercial property developers Hortons' Estate with the refurbishment of its website -

It has been innovatively designed to represent an office building, with each floor representing a different aspect of the business. The floors range from the foundations, which contain the company's history to developments on the fourth floor, right up to the roof.

The company says its revamped design now has a three dimensional quality which draws users into the site and encourages them to spend time exploring the various features on each floor. This is enhanced by the interactive elements, including panels and drawers which actually open to reveal further objects and pictures.

Rob Blyth, chief executive of Hortons' Estate said: "In this day and age the internet is the first port of call for initial research into companies.

"We wanted to bring our old website up to date, while maintaining the idea of having a virtual office, which depicts exactly what we do.

"The new site has the qualities of a computer game, yet is professional and informative."