A Birmingham computer expert has launched a ‘Tip Of The Week’ video email to help people to use Microsoft Outlook.

Mark Ashton, and managing director of raining company Workflows said the videos would help to drive productivity and best practice in Outlook users.

He said: “Everyone’s expected to use Outlook but no one ever gets any training on how to use it properly. ‘Workflow Tips’ fills this space. One minute of your time to save potentially hundreds.

“Organisations spend huge sums of money on Outlook and many workers spend their entire working day in the program.

“Yet few companies ever assess their employees’ skill and ability in using this tool.

“The aim is to provide a free to use, yet invaluable, world-class productivity resource for Microsoft Outlook users. There will be a strong focus on email management which is currently entirely misunderstood.”

To see an example visit www.bit.ly/aMNDuY.