A car converted to run on pure plant oil will feature among the exhibits at a show to highlight the future of environmentally friendly transport taking place next week.

The vehicle, which has been converted to run entirely on vegetable oil straight from the farm, will be one of the sustainable vehicles on display at the Green Light Motor Show.

The event is due to take place at Aston Science Park next Thursday. The Green Light Motor Show - organised by the Marches Energy Agency - forms the showpiece event during a Midlands conference to discuss the economic future of alternative fuels and vehicles.

The Marches Energy Agency is an independent charity and nationally recognised organisation with a remit to disseminate information regarding climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

It is involved in projects as diverse as steering local, regional and national policy, assisting community groups, managing energy efficiency schemes and assisting with the installation of renewable technologies.

Richard Davies, director of the Marches Energy Agency, said: "The Green Light Motor Show is a trail-blazing opportunity to see eco-friendly vehicles in action.

"There'll be the chance to experience electric, hybrids, and bio-fuel powered transport. The pure plant oil vehicle especially is certain to create a major talking point.

"Transport is the fastest growing user of our energy, already accounting for about a third of consumption. Unless action is taken now, this figure will continue to rise.

"However, transport is the most technically difficult sector in which to reduce carbon emissions."

The conference is being attended by leading figures from councils, trade unions and universities, fleet operators and environmentalists. The aim is to establish ways in which the imaginative solutions on display can be turned into a sustainable energy strategy across Britain.