A Midlands mother-of-two is steaming ahead with her new business venture - a one-stop ironing shop.

Former mature student Vanessa Pobiarzyn, aged 35, paid her way through a mathematics degree at university by doing domestic work.

But she soon realised that the service she provided was so popular she would have to make a choice between running her own business or continuing her studies.

And her Domestic Ironing shop, in Burton-on-Trent town centre, has proved a runaway success and is now employing six staff.

Ms Pobiarzyn put the success of the store down to hard work and attention to detail, adding: "After a lot of deliberation and talking to my customers, who had also set up successful businesses, I knew it was going to be a long journey.

"But if you are passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and positive that it will work then the decision is already made.

"I've always stressed to the team that quality always overrides quantity and that we never run but walk. We are constantly challenged by the ever-changing fashion industry.

"Through teamwork - and yes, I also iron, - we have found the right medium, so I feel it's the right time to progress.

"It will be another long journey as I will not accept anything else other than the highest quality, so obviously I will be going out there with another member of the team to set the standard of cleaning."

After dropping out of her course at Derby University, Ms Pobiarzyn opened her shop with the help of her partner Kevin and former employee Clair Smith in Station Street in Burton-on-Trent at the end of last year.

And in the weeks since it was started, the business has proved a huge hit with office workers in the Staffordshire town.

Customers can drop their ironing in at any time and receive a 10 per cent discount and have it delivered free of charge to either their home or work.

The shop offers a collection and delivery service free of charge from home or workplace by appointment, which can be made on the day. It also acts as an agent for Cherringtons Dry Cleaning.

And it has recently expanded into domestic cleaning, but is not yet advertising the service.

Since launching the business, Vanessa has been supported by Business Enterprise Support, one of Business Link West Midlands' enterprise providers, who gave her help with employment law, finance and how to get the most out of advertising.

Ms Pobiarzyn said she had been delighted with how well the shop had been doing, and said the atmosphere between employees made all the hard work worth it.

She said: "When you work so hard and your work life is constantly on the go, from driving, cleaning and then going back to the shop to iron, you think to yourself 'is it all worth it?'

"The answer is yes, as I'm told when I speak to Business Link West Midlands. As one of the girls said 'It's not like coming to work, it's more like a mothers' meeting' so I guess we can't be doing too badly as an employer and a business." .