A national magazine for deaf people and the signing community has been relaunched at the Wolverhampton university.

Staff and students were among the first people to see the British Deaf Association's (BDA) new-look magazine 'Sign Matters', at the university's Millennium City building.

Academics hailed the decision to relaunch the prestigious publication at the University as another feather in the cap for its student support.

The institution's Communication Support Unit provides 600 hours of support per week for deaf students, coordinated by Elizabeth Bellingham.

Joan Fleming, the university's co-ordinator of deaf studies, said: "Sign Matters is the signing community's magazine, and the BDA is one of the oldest deaf organisations in the country so we are proud to host this launch event. "The university and its students have benefited from the BDA's publications since the inception of our department, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future."

Simon Pearce, manager of the communication support unit, welcomed back the Sign Matters editor Yvonne Carolan, a graduate of the university who was supported by the unit's team during her studies.

Alistair Wright, BDA director fore the West Midlands, met university staff and students to quiz them about the new-look bi-monthly, which originally started life in 1955 as British Deaf News.

Mr Wright said: "We're very pleased with the feedback we've received from staff and students here about the magazine. Wolverhampton was a natural choice for the re-launch because it is really the leading university in Europe for Deaf Studies and interpreting."