Sir Digby Jones is to begin life after the CBI with a new post as chairman of the industries group at Deloitte.

The outgoing CBI director-general will also become senior adviser to Deloitte's chief executive John Connolly. The post will become Sir Digby's primary role when he completes his tenure at the employers' organisation at the end of June.

The position, which will be for two days per week, is expected to be based in London, although Sir Digby said he would retain a presence in Birmingham.

John Connolly, senior partner and chief executive at Deloitte, said yesterday: "We are extremely pleased to announce Sir Digby's appointment.

"In his role as director-general of the CBI, Sir Digby has been widely recognised for his superb representation of UK business, both in the UK and internationally.

"Through his broad experience, personality and powerful advocacy, he has been an important voice of both large and small business.

"In this new role with Deloitte, Sir Digby will be working with our industry leaders and the lead partners responsible for major clients, ensuring we continue to bring innovative ideas and value to our clients."

The role is the first of several Sir Digby is expected to take up when he retires, including work with UNICEF, and Cancer Research.

Sir Digby said: "This is the first thing I have decided to do after leaving the CBI.

"All of the major accounting firms spoke to me, and I chose Deloitte because they want me to work closely with the manufacturing side of their client base in particular, but all aspects of the business.

"Although I will be based in London, I will be working extensively with the Birmingham office.

"I will be there to help their advisors understand the sectors better, but I will also have an internal role working with their young people and developing leadership.

"I think Birmingham will be seeing quite a bit of me."

Sir Digby said he would take up his new role after taking July, August and September off with his wife Pat.

He said the couple planned to travel around Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea before embarking on a lecture tour of Australia.

Sir Digby said he was also writing a book about his stint at the helm of the CBI.

He said: "It is a good time to reflect on the last seven years in the job, how my views have been changed, about the EU, America, and China, the environment and politics."

But he would not be drawn on how much the Deloitte post would pay.

"As my dad would say, put a bit of wool on your back while you can. The exact amount is between me and Deloitte but I am a very lucky man."

Richard Edwards, practice senior partner at Deloitte in Birmingham, said: "This is a major coup for Deloitte. Sir Digby is one of the UK's leading business figures and his appointment will be extremely beneficial for the firm.

"He is well known for being a champion of Birmingham and his presence in the city will give not only Deloitte, but Birmingham as a whole, a real boost."