Birmingham-based security and surveillance services company Scyron is opening its first overseas office in Paris.

Scyron, which has its headquarters on the University of Birmingham Research Park, has worldwide patents for its intelligent TV surveillance based around capturing and analysing specific 'incidents'.

Recent investment from organisations such as the Mercia Technology Seed Fund and Datasat, is enabling Scyron to implement its international growth plans. The French office is the first step in this strategy.

France was selected as a key region because the nation's surveillance market is set to grow significantly. Within the next two to three years, the new French Government, led by President Nicolas Sarkozy, is expected to increase exponentially the amount of video surveillance undertaken in France.

France is also driven by the need to protect privacy which lends itself to Scyron's intelligent, incident-based surveillance where only suspicious incidents are tracked and traced in contrast to blanket surveillance techniques.

The company's new office is in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, close to Paris and will be led by newly-appointed managing director, Patrick Genaux. Mr Genaux has more than 20 years' experience in the security and surveillance sectors in France and other European markets.

Scyron's technology can trigger CCTV cameras to record only specific events, such as a vehicle going through a security barrier while ignoring people on foot, or a person entering a doorway while ignoring passers by. The tech-nology may also be applied retrospectively to video footage. Typically, it reduces the cost and time it takes to manually analyse surveillance footage by more than 90 per cent.