A Midland woman has swapped her Bridget Jones lifestyle and media job for marriage, motherhood - and a new career selling washable nappies.

Ros Goff who four years ago was a single girl-about-town and journalist, recently took over NappyHappy.com, a Birmingham-based company that promotes and sells modern cloth nappies.

"If someone had told me, four years ago, that I would become a passionate advocate of cloth nappies, I'd have laughed them out of the wine bar," said 43-year-old Ros.

"I was a 30-something single girl-about-town in the mould of Bridget Jones who didn't believe marriage would ever happen, let alone motherhood and an acquired expertise in cloth nappies, but I love my new lifestyle."

Birmingham Post readers will remember Ros under her maiden name Dodd when she was a features writer for the newspaper.

She lives in Moseley, and admits to becoming "a cloth nappy bore" when she started using washables on her newborn daughter, April, two years ago.

"Although cloth nappies work out cheaper, my main reason for going down the " real" nappy route was environmental: the thought of so-called disposables languishing in landfill sites for maybe hundreds of years filled me with horror," she explained.

Ros, with husband Andrew, bought NappyHappy.com last month after a year working as an agent for the company.

As well as building up the business, Ros says she is "on a mission" to dispel the ignorance and misconceptions surrounding cloth nappies.

She said: "The disposable industry is so cash-rich and powerful it effectively pushes washable varieties off the supermarket shelves and snuffs out the very powerful arguments for using cloth nappies. I want to change that."