Two West Midlands companies have joined forces to create what is claimed to be the UK's first dedicated touch-screen research tool.

Customer Research Technology (CRT) and Initium, both based at the University of Warwick Science Park's Business Innovation Centre in Binley, have worked t ogether to create StandPoint.

The two partners say that because of its portability, the device can be used in just about any location and can store surveys on any subject programmed into it.

Research giant MORI has already expressed an interest in StandPoint and the development is expected to lead to a series of new business wins.

Simon Rowland, chief executive of CRT, said: "We started in business using a product called Opinionmeter which is still very popular because of its simplicity.

"StandPoint fills a niche in the market accommodating more complex surveys than straightforward multiple-choice, whilst retaining simplicity for the customer using it.

"This enables researchers to capture critical information about a customer's experience when it happens.

"Customers are able to say what products they can't find or feedback on their overall experience. It will be invaluable for most retailers."

The two firms say their combined expertise has fused perfectly for the product.

CRT is one of the market leaders in research technology, while Initium is at the cutting edge of handheld computer systems and software which utilise touch-screen technology.

And the fact that the companies are so close together has saved time and money while working on the product.

Keith Neville, of Initium, said: "We are literally a 30-second walk along a corridor away from each other.

"It means we don't really have to schedule meetings, we can just knock on the door if we need to discuss something which is so convenient.

"It's been great to work on the project together and we are looking forward to a successful future with StandPoint."

Karen Aston, manager of the Business Innovation Centre, said it highlighted the fact that Coventry was on the cutting edge of new technology.

She said: "This product could be seen all over the country in years to come and I think it is something that we should be very proud of as a city. We are very excited for them as the future looks extremely bright.

"The fact that the two companies have come together purely because they are based here is a great example of how the Innovation Centre can work for firms.

"The Science Park's Projects Team, through Russell Munslow, also played a significant part in helping CRT to raise equity investment. This will now allow them to scale the marketing activity for StandPoint and build on the interest already shown.

"It's a very positive result for everyone involved and shows the strengths of the Science Park in helping young technology companies to grow."