A Wolverhampton company claims it has developed a blueprint for a pioneering new software system which could revolutionise the way wholesalers use e-commerce.

Internet Marketing Services says its new software system allows wholesalers to not only have more control over their website but also has an added feature which allows them to offer their retailers the same website - but at a fraction of the price.

The innovation, which has been in development for n early 12 months, has recently been boosted by gaining support from one of the region's leading business support agencies, Business Link Black Country (BLBC), which provided advice in researching the initial idea and on-going mentoring including support from its ebusiness advisers.

Carl Jarvis, managing director of IMS, and author of Search Engine Trade Secrets and 10 Essential Steps to Website Success, is the brains behind the new online system.

He says it will bring terrific benefits to wholesalers, both in greatly improving their own online presence while offering significant sales and marketing opportunities to their independent retailers.

Carl said: "With this new online system, the wholesaler not only gets a comprehensive new website, but also an exciting innovation that allows for 'multi-website' facilities.

"This means the wholesalers can create hundreds of websites, very simply, from the same central system.

"They can promote either a single product, or product range, with independent websites, which means they can market those sites to the search engines in a much more focused and targeted way.

"Not only that, but those very same website facilities will be available to their retailers."

He added: "IMS intends to use the new software system to encourage wholesalers to adopting a new website philosophy.

"They can not only manage their product information and product images, but also have scanned instruction manuals and even short video clips.

"That's a much more exciting and effective use of on-line technology as opposed to just having a typical e-commerce site."

BLBC business adviser Steve Taylor also said: "We were so impressed with the scope of opportunities that IMS's system will offer the wholesale sector that we decided to back the project with our assistance.

"We believe it will also have a major impact on improving operational efficiencies within the wholesale and retail industries.

"Business Link was delighted to provide support and become involved with IMS's ground-breaking and innovative new project."

To request free copies of Carl's internet booklets visit www.imswebwise.com