Midlands entrepreneur Tim Watts has personally donated £200,000 to a charity dedicated to the regeneration of Birmingham and the Black Country.

The Birmingham Community Foundation, which promotes and supports charitable and community activity in areas of poverty and deprivation, has received a private donation from Dr Watts.

The charity relies on donations from a range of funders in order to improve quality of life for disadvantaged communities in greater Birmingham while helping people to help themselves. The foundation was set up via the Charity Commission in 1995 and officially launched in 1997 to satisfy a desire among Birmingham’s business leaders to ‘give something back’ to the community.

The foundation provides the vehicle for companies and individuals to invest in the city’s community infrastructure and support its social entrepreneurs in a convenient, tax-effective and rewarding manner.

Business leaders from across Birmingham have supported the foundation and worked towards its continued success.

In particular Dr Watts, the co-founder and president of the Birmingham Community Foundation, has supported it since its inception.

Dr Watts is the full-time chairman of Midlands-based Pertemps, which he has helped to grow over the past 20 years both geographically throughout the Midlands, London, Manchester and Bristol and divisionally by the introduction of technical and industrial services. He actively supports education, the arts, sport and charities and is the governor and trustee of numerous institutions, including the first City College of Technology in Birmingham, and has raised over £2million for the Spinal Injuries Association.

David Bucknall, chairman of the Birmingham Community Foundation, said: “We are always very grateful for all the donations we receive. It is imperative we continue to secure the necessary finances needed to continue the regeneration of the area.

“Tim’s support, both financially and commercially, has had a huge impact on the success of the foundation to date and I know this additional funding will go a long way to making certain that we support successful regeneration across Birmingham and the Black Country.”

The foundation has become one of the region’s most important charities, having made hundreds of thousands of pounds of donations since being formed 11 years ago.