Birmingham-based IT and communication specialist Ortiga claims to have made all of the telephones 'disappear' at Knowle recruitment specialists Tirebuck Career Solutions.

Ortiga, located at Birmingham International Park, has installed its new software-based phone system into Tirebuck and labelled it "The last telephone system you will ever need".

Apart from the extra space on desks where the physical telephones used to be, staff are now able to type and talk via headsets, as the telephone system is routed directly through the computer system.

Tirebuck is already finding that their productivity has increased, as it is now able to update its database of clients - which now appears instantly when a call comes in - while talking to the clients through the headset. And paper note-taking has also effectively become a thing of the past.

The new system also provides 'intelligent' voicemail and is fully integrated within Microsoft Outlook, with all messages being centralised and able to be read by staff - whether in the office or working remotely.

Karen Tirebuck, managing director of Tirebuck, said: "Our telephone calls can now follow our working patterns, together with email and fax communications."